Generally speaking, the world of economics and economic analysis is overblown and self-indulgent. Many (not all) economists have failed to make it clear and accessible for the vast majority of people, resulting in confusion, misinformation and – worse yet – complete avoidance.

David McWilliams has taken the mystique out of macroeconomics and, true to his style, explains concepts and global situations in a down-to-earth manner through his short animated videos, Punk Economics.

To date, these videos have received a total of over 1 million views on YouTube


Article 50: defusing the Brexit time-bomb| PunkFT

China tormented by torrents of cash | PunkFT

Trumponomics | PunkFT

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Donald Trump: The three-faced president | PunkFT

Will the real Donald Trump please stand up

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Negative rates defy gravity- PunkFT

Britain: The Balkans of Europe

Second Hand Ireland

Lessons from the banking crisis

The Kidnapper wears Prada

Tomorrow’s Ireland

Women’s wedges and the future of European Nation States

Economics in the dock

The global food economy


China panics, US ‘recovers’ and Germany flinches

Irish referendum preview

Playing with liquidity

Cash for trash

Cash for trash