Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to purchase the whole course or can I purchase individual modules?

Although you’re welcome to purchase single modules, the content of each assumes familiarity with the concepts discussed in previous lessons.

If you’d like to receive all of the modules at a reduced rate you can purchase them here.

Will my access to the course material expire?

No, this course is evergreen: once you purchase the module you will have unlimited access to all videos. The supporting notes and reading lists can be downloaded to your own computer.

Are the courses live or can I watch them anytime?

The course videos are recorded so you’re welcome to view them anytime, anywhere and on any device. Just log into your account and access all of your course resources here.

If I have questions about the subjects discussed during the course, who can I ask?

You’re encouraged to join the Economics Without Boundaries members-only forum, where you can discuss all of your questions with our exciting community. Membership in our community also includes one live lesson with David McWilliams once monthly where you can put forward economic themes for discussion. For more information, see our Membership page here.

I’ve purchased course modules - why can’t access the member information on the Economics Without Boundaries website?

The Economics Without Boundaries Academy is an exclusive opportunity to learn from David McWilliams as well as lots of other visiting academics,  and is separate from the membership benefits offered through the website. To really benefit from the EWB community, you can join us here.

How do I get my CPD certification?

Please contact our team here and they will be happy to return a certificate for all CPD points you’ve earned.

Can I cancel my purchase?

You can stop participation in the course or membership at any time, however the fees payable are non-refundable.


What is the difference between Bronze and Silver Membership?

By signing up as a Bronze Member you will be granted view-only access to a restricted amount of features on the Economics Without Boundaries website. There is no cost associated with this level of membership.

Instead, for €25/month, you can sign up as a Silver Member and receive an exclusive access to monthly group Hangout sessions with David McWilliams, discounted event tickets, full access to the members-only community forum, emails, CPD points and more! For more information see our Membership page here.

How do I join the monthly interactive lesson?

The group lesson is for Silver Members only. If your Silver membership is active we’ll email you with specific instructions prior to the lesson. If you aren’t yet a Silver member, can easily upgrade your subscription here.

How do I get my CPD certification?
Please contact our team here and they will be happy to return a certificate for all CPD points you’ve earned.
I’m logged on - Why can’t I see all of the site content?

Full access to the Economics Without Boundaries membership pages, including the community forum, is available only for Silver Members. If you are a Bronze Member you’ll want to upgrade your subscription here. If you are a Silver Member, and your account is active, please contact our team here and they’ll be happy to help you further is you are still unable to access all content.

What if I change my mind? Can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time. Fees paid to date will not be refunded but no further payments will be taken. If you’d like to cancel your membership please log into your My Account page and follow the directions on-screen.


Help! I’ve forgotten my password, what do I do?

That’s no problem! Just click the “forgotten password” link on the log-in screen and you’ll receive a password reset email.

I want to make a complaint or report a forum violator. How can I do this?

We really value the integrity of our interactive community and appreciate your feedback. Please contact us here with full details and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

How can I update my account name, email address or password?

Simply log into your My Account page and update your details on-screen.

Why am I not getting emails from you?

It’s possible that our emails are getting stuck in your spam filter or a firewall. Please check those folders and do a general search of your entire email account and add our email address to your contacts. If you are unable to find any communication from us, please contact our team here and they’ll be happy to assist you.

Why can I not view the course content and videos

The Economics Without Boundaries Course is available only for paid members. If you have purchased either a module or the full course, and you are experiencing difficulties please contact us here.


What information do I need to give when I make a purchase on the site?

To become a Silver Member of Economics Without Boundaries or to buy the course you need to submit some personal details and a credit card.

Please read our Privacy Statement here and if you have any further questions please contact us here.


Who’s behind Economics Without Boundaries?

This Academy is a joint venture between Economist David McWilliams and Entrepreneur Rani Dabrai.


I’m interested in finding out more - who can I speak to?

Please contact us here with your name, company, request and deadline. One of our team will be right back to you.


I would like to contract David McWilliams for a speaking engagement. How can I do this?

For all commercial queries, please contact David’s agency directly here. Please note that they only handle corporate bookings and are unable to assist with requests for community or charity engagements.