As one of Ireland’s leading economic commentators, David recognises the pivotal role of Economics in all of our daily lives and it is his aim to make the ‘dismal science’ as captivating and accessible as possible.




David writes a weekly column for The Irish Times, though he also regularly contributes to a variety of other publications, from The Financial Times to Woodford Investment Management. Now, as a member of Economics Without Boundaries, you can stay up to date with all of David’s latest insights and have his articles sent directly to your inbox.

21st Century Reality

This week’s Time magazine has an interesting interview with Leo Varadkar. Whether or not you are a fan of the new Taoiseach, being profiled in Time is good for the country. The value of this type of international publicity is difficult to overstate. Contrast the image...

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When fundamentalists take control

What would happen if Jihadists took control of Europe? Well it’s already happening. The Brexiteer Jihadis deep in the English shires are all fired up and want the British to walk away from the EU without a deal. They saw red this week. Forget small considerations like...

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The Prognosis is Promising

The 2pm train from Heuston to Cork is hurtling through Tipperary on a glorious Friday afternoon in April, and I am struck by just how empty the country is. With a better transport system, such as French-style fast commuter trains, most of the main conurbations of...

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