As one of Ireland’s leading economic commentators, David recognises the pivotal role of Economics in all of our daily lives and it is his aim to make the ‘dismal science’ as captivating and accessible as possible.




David writes a weekly column for The Irish Times, though he also regularly contributes to a variety of other publications, from The Financial Times to Woodford Investment Management. Now, as a member of Economics Without Boundaries, you can stay up to date with all of David’s latest insights and have his articles sent directly to your inbox.

Ireland needs a new friend in Europe. But who?

Café Bazar in Salzburg may seem an unusual spot to consider Ireland’s future economic choices, but it could be a perfect place to start. After the British leave the EU, Ireland will need a new friend or a series of new friends within the European Union. This will...

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Want to fix the housing crisis? Tax land

In June 1858, during the second Opium War, Britain and France,  in cahoots with the other major European powers and the United States, forced China to sign the Treaty of Tianjin. Britain waged the Opium War so its merchants could flood China with cheap heroin,...

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A new economic plan for Ireland

Unlike hosting the Rugby World Cup, the global economy is no longer an “all-or-nothing” game of nations pitted against each other where for one side to win the other must lose. It’s more nuanced. Nor is the national economy like the national soccer team; in the global...

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Catalonian Independence – How Things Unravel

Do you remember the break up of Yugoslavia? At first people said it could never happen. Yugoslavia had been a federation since the First World War, it had Europe’s biggest standing army, it had been the ballast between East and West and yet, it disintegrated in...

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Beware the Hissing Goose

With the Budget just ahead of us, it is timely to remind ourselves of the original Colbert report. I don’t mean Stephen Colbert, but rather Jean Baptiste Colbert. He was the extraordinarily talented finance minister of Louis XIV who radically overhauled the French...

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Mega-successful McGregor a model for our economy

The extraordinary pulling power of Conor McGregor can be measured in a few ways: by ticket sales, by pay-per-view revenue, and by endorsements. However, a much more instructive modern metric is the use of pornography. And it looks like McGregor porn beats regular porn...

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Move Dublin Port and create new city on the water

There is an obvious solution to Dublin’s capacity problem: move Dublin Port and develop the greatest natural asset the city has into a new gleaming city. We are one of the last major cities to have a port on the most valuable prime land. Capacity constraints are now...

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